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Gippsland Memorial Park (GMP) is located off the Tyers road, about 5 kms north west of Traralgon. Overlooking the Latrobe River flood plain with spectacular views of the nearby hills to the north and south, it was originally known as “The Bluff” cemetery , first burial in 1869 and then became known as Traralgon Cemetery.

The Traralgon Public Cemetery was gazetted in 1872 and the Trust was first appointed in 1877. Prior to that burials were conducted in several locations around the Traralgon area.

The site was renamed Gippsland Memorial Park in 2002 to recognise the service it provides to whole of Gippsland and the contribution made by Gippsland councils in establishing Gippsland Crematorium. GMP incorporates Gippsland Crematorium and Traralgon Cemetery and is managed by Traralgon Public Cemetery Trust.

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