Traralgon Cemetery Burials


There is a large choice of burial areas and include

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Monumental Burials: These are in areas where the family may wish to place a large monument or headstone of your own design

Lawn Graves: For a lawn burial a plaque is provided instead of a headstone.

Monumental Lawns: These areas are a an area reserved as lawn, however a headstone is placed of the same design as others in the area.

Vault or concrete lined burials: These are available in certain locations around the grounds where the family chooses to have a concrete lined grave

Mausoleum: At present there is an 18 crypt mausoleum. It is envisaged that in the future this will be expanded to accomodate additional crypts.

Infant Burials: There is a special area set aside in the cemetery for infant burials and memorials