Gippsland Crematorium

The Gippsland Crematorium was established in 1985. Associated with the Crematorium is a chapel surrounded by attractive memorial gardens. Entry to the Chapel, Crematorium and main car park is via the attractive tree- lined Cemetery Drive. The Chapel seats up to 150 mourners and is accessible for people with limited mobility from the large car park.

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Cremation is a popular option chosen by around 80 percent of GMP’s clients. The cremation process begins when the Service is complete. Following cremation the ashes maybe returned to the Funeral Director or are securely held at the Crematorium until instructions are received from the person authorising the cremation. This person may contact the Crematorium Office to order a memorial or make other arrangements.

The Chapel

The Chapel was built in 1985. It has a seating capacity for 150 and further standing room. It has a projector for displaying photos or a slide show and a sound system for playing music and recording services. The catafalque, (the platform where the coffin or casket is held during the service) has a lowering device.